23 June 2018

Our Reactive I.T Support Service is designed to respond to developing I.T faults – ensuring that reported issues are dealt with quickly and effectively by our dedicated 24-7 I.T Support desk.

Our Reactive I.T Support includes the following complimentary services:

  • On Demand Site Visits (charged hourly)
  • I.T Expense Tracking & Monthly Reporting
  • I.T Project Execution & Management
  • I.T Consultancy & advice
  • Site-to-Site Network Security, Management & Systems Monitoring
  • 24-hour I.T Emergency Response
  • Server & Website Health Checks & Maintenance

Our next level Intermediate I.T Support includes all the features of the Reactive I.T Support service with additional benefits that will further enhance your Business infrastructure with Weekly On-Site Visits, Staff Training, Business critical data backups held off-site, and Dedicated Service Level agreements:

  • 9 hours per week On-site visits (divided by daily sessions)
  • Weekly Off-site Backups (stored securely off-site)
  • Active Directory User & E-mail Account Management
  • 12 hours inclusive Remote E-mail & Phone Support
  • Unlimited Off-site Hardware repairs
  • Unlimited Hardware Security Marking (stencils & paste charged separately)
  • On-Site Staff & User Training
  • 24 Hour I.T Emergency Response (additional charge outside 9-5)
  • I.T Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
  • Weekly Preventative Maintenance (Servers, PCs, laptops, Printers & Websites)
  • Dedicated Service Level Agreement (Guaranteed response times or cash-back)

Our Ultimate I.T Support Service combines all the great features of our Reactive & Premium I.T Support and extends upon them by providing 35 hours inclusive remote support, UNLIMITED Data Restore Service, 24 hour inclusive Emergency Response, out-of hours weekly visits and much more:

  • 12 hours per week On-site visits (divided by daily sessions)
  • 35 hours inclusive Remote E-mail & Phone Support
  • Unlimited Data Restore Service
  • I.T Hardware\Software Auditing & Asset Inventory logging
  • 24-hour I.T Emergency Response (inclusive)
  • Monthly Disaster Recovery Systems tests for Servers, Websites & Data Recovery
  • Cash-Back Discounts on our Range of Home & Office PCs
  • Provision of loan PCs during repairs to existing hardware
  • Tailor-made ‘How to’ user guides
  • Management of hardware and software warranty issues
  • Extended Hardware Warranty on selected PCs & Parts

  For more information on our extensive range of I.T Services please feel free to contact us by clicking here

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