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How to Ctrl + Alt + Del over an RDP Session

Mar 12

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Mon, 12 Mar 2012 22:51:08 GMT  RssIcon

If your anything like us - you find yourself using Remote Desktop more often than not.. It's easy, quick and most of all - from XP onwards - all versions of windows have it built-in. If your working with Servers or desktops alike from a remote location you'll often need to bring up task manager if a program hangs or explorer is unresponsive - if you were sitting in from of the machine you would usually use Ctrl Alt Del to do so. However this doesn't work over an RDP session.. Read on and discover how to bring it up.

 The magic combination is Ctrl + Alt + End

 Yes I know - as simple as that. Well since your here We may as well share some other Remote Desktop Hot-Key combinations we've learned over the years:

Alt + Page Up
Switches between open Program Windows from left to right.

Alt + Page Down
Switches between open Program Windows from right to left.

Alt + Insert
Cycles through running Program Windows in the order they were opened.

Alt + Home
Displays the Start menu.

Ctrl + Alt + Break or Ctrl + Alt + Pause
Switches the RDP client between a sizeable RDP Window and full screen mode.

Alt + Del
Displays the Windows menu

Ctrl + Alt + Num -
Places a snapshot of the client's active window on the clipboard

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Ah.. at last! Thanks for that tip.

By Rodger on   Sat, 15 Sep 2012 08:06:47 GMT

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