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How To Copy Microsoft Outlook Online Web Access Hyperlinks

Dec 8

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Thu, 08 Dec 2011 15:50:26 GMT  RssIcon

For example, I sent a client an E-mail that contained a link to our Contact Form at http://www.passionateaboutit.net/ContactUs.aspx . When she logged into her Outlook Web Access (OWA)  Upon opening the message I saw this:

Use this form for general enquiries, comments, feedback and to request non-urgent help from our 24-7 IT support team:  http://www.passionateaboutit.net/ContactUs.aspx

If you hover the mouse over the above link, you will see the following code:


The first part of the hyperlink contains a REDIR command that is redirecting from the OWA message to the real URL hyperlink. The redirector is there to prevent any OWA-specific information from being sent in the hyperlink (such as your mailbox name). In other words, the REDIR command helps you to stay anonymous.

Here are workarounds that OWA users should keep in mind...

  1. 1. Click the hyperlink that you want to send to someone else - this will open in a new browser tab/window and will allow you to check that the link is correct and working. Next, Copy the URL from the Address bar and Paste it into your message.

  2. 2. Click the Forward button while viewing the message with the link you would like to share - this is a faster option and the link will work as expected (provided you have tested that the link is valid).

Microsoft OWA users should be cautious when copying and pasting HyperLinks from an OWA E-mail. If the message contains a hyperlink, the hyperlink will contain the extra REDIR command.


Lastly, if you happen to receive an E-mail with a hyperlink that has the embedded OWA REDIR command, all you need to do is copy the portion of the hyperlink after the 'URL= portion'. You can then paste this hyperlink into a new browser window to view the page.

 If the solution offered above did not correct the issue there may be other problems affecting the VPN server or client. Contact Us and one of our engineers will be happy to resolve the issue for you.

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