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The Most Complete Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts and Run Commands

Dec 8

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Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:27:14 GMT  RssIcon

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Help Shortcuts

  • Display Windows Help: Win Key + F1
  • Display current program help: F1

Windows Explorer shortcuts

  • Open Windows Explorer: Win Key + E
  • Show/Hide the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer: Alt + P
  • Go up one level of a sub folder in Windows Explorer: Alt + Up arrow key
  • Go back or forwards in Windows Explorer: Alt + Left/Right arrow key
  • Switch between open windows: ALT + TAB
  • Close the active window ALT + F4

Moving & Resizing open Windows or Applications shortcuts

  • Minimize all open Windows or Applications: Win Key + M
  • Undo all window minimization: Win Key + Shift + M
  • Minimize/maximize all inactive windows: Win Key + Home
  • Maximize/Minimize active Window: Win Key + Up/Down arrow key
  • Maximize vertical size of active Window: Win Key + Shift + Up arrow Key
  • Restore vertical size of active Window: Win Key + Shift + Down arrow Key
  • Dock active Window to left/right: Win Key + Left/Right arrow Key
  • Moving & resizing active window: Win Key + Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys
  • Move active Window between Dual Monitors: Win+Shift+Left or Right Arrow Key
  • Zoom in and out: Win Key + +/-
  • Toggle Desktop display: Win key + D
  • Aero Desktop Peek: Win Key + Spacebar

Taskbar shortcuts

  • Get to taskbar items: Win Key + T or Win + Shift + T for reverse order
  • Cycle through all open taskbar Windows: Alt + Esc
  • 3D view of all open windows: Win Key + Tab (hold win key and tap Tab to cycle)
  • Persistent 3D view: Ctrl + Win Key + Tab
  • Open Taskbar Programs (pinned or open): Win key + 1/2/3 keys and so on
  • Cycle through grouped taskbar items: Hold Ctrl + tap Left Click
  • Open a new instance of a taskbar Application: Shift + Left mouse click
  • Open a new instance of a taskbar Application as Administrator: Ctrl + Shift + Click
  • Show Restore/Minimize/Move menu Of open application/window (grouped or ungrouped): Shift + Right click on taskbar icon

General, Sytem functions and Search shortcuts

  • Move focus to the System Tray: Win Key + B
  • Switching between Laptop or Projector display: Win Key + P
  • Open a Program as Administrator: Ctrl + Shift + Left mouse click
  • Create a new Folder (where possible): Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Show advanced 'Send to...' menu: Shift + Right mouse click
  • Show desktop gadgets: Win Key + G
  • Open Mobility Center: Win Key + X
  • Open Magnifier: Win Key + =
  • Open Comman Prompt path to folder: Shift + Right Click on/within a folder
  • Search for computers: CTRL + Win Key + F (domain PCs)
  • Search for a file or folder: Win Key + F
  • System Properties: Win key + Pause/Break
  • Open Windows Task Manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Utility Manager: Win key + U
  • Delete without moving to Recycle bin: Shift + Del
  • Full Screen Command Prompt: Alt + Enter
  • Lock your System: Win key + L

Run Commands:

  • Open the Run dialog box: Win Key + R
  • msnmsgr - MSN Messenger
  • msmsgs - Windows Messenger
  • wordpad - Opens Word pad (text editor)
  • notepad - Opens Note pad (text editor)
  • excel - Opens Microsoft Excel
  • winword - opens Microsoft Word
  • Infopath - Opens Microsoft InfoPath
  • outlook - Opens Microsoft Outlook
  • mspub - Opens Microsoft Publisher
  • powerpnt - Opens Microsoft PowerPoint
  • msaccess - Opens Microsoft Access
  • OIS - Opens Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • clipbrd - Opens your clipboard viewer
  • SHRPUBW.EXE - Shared Folder Wizard
  • control - Opens your control panel
  • control userpasswords - User Accounts Administration

Advanced users Run Commands:

  • control userpasswords2 - User Accounts Administration
  • lusrmgr.msc - Local users and groups
  • CMD - Opens a command prompt
  • CMD /k ipconfig - opens a command prompt with IP address info
  • sysedit - Opens System COnfiguration Editor
  • regedit - Opens Registry Editor
  • perfmon.msc - Performance monitor
  • fsmgmt.msc - Shared folders
  • NETSH DIAG GUI - Network diagnostics
  • services.msc - Services
  • devmgmt.msc - Device manager
  • diskmgmt.msc - Disk management
  • dfrg.msc - Disk defrag
  • eventvwr.msc - Event viewer
  • compmgmt.msc - Computer management
  • gpedit.msc - Group policies
  • GPUPDATE /FORCE - Forces a refresh of Group Policies (domain workstation)
  • rsop.msc - Resultant set of policies
  • secpol.msc - Local security settings
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2 comments so far...


Anyone who uses a PC or laptop needs to know these shortcuts - thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. I'm still getting used to them - have set this as a second tab on firefox.

Thanks again!


By Jason Ahnien on   Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:29:45 GMT

This is the utimate guide to shortcuts on a keboard - have booked marked this page for future reference! Thanks


By Steve Kidd on   Fri, 09 Mar 2012 16:13:11 GMT

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